10 Decorative DIY Decor Ideas

Hey everybody thanks for checking out this post here on Insider Spotlight. This blog post will be all about DIY Projects for you to improve the aesthetic of any room in your home. Add a little sparkle to a dull space with these unique DIY ideas. All of these ideas could be used for gifts as well. Be sure to spread the joy and have fun with all these gems. Don’t forget to share this post if it brought any value to you. Leave a comment on which ones you have tried and which ones you would like to try. We hope you enjoy our 10 decorative DIY decor ideas.

Cute Mason Jars 

1426087963-easter-mason-jars-3 10 Decorative DIY Decor Ideas

Use mason jars for something a little more unique. Create these cute mason jars and store pencils, paint brushes, toothbrushes, and much more in them. Such a great idea to add a little more life to a room. Perfect for organizing those items that always seem to get lost.

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Crayon Drip Art Canvas 

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All you need is a few items and you are on your way to creating this beautiful piece of art. Imagine the look on your significant other’s face when they open this gift on your anniversary. The silhouette in this photo can also be changed to your preference to fit any occasion.

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Marker Art 

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Who knew you could be an artist with little or no experience. This marker art project is super simple and you can make a work of art with scribbles. All you have to do is get a few marker colors, fill in random areas on a canvas, and pour rubbing alcohol over the top. You will be amazed with what you will be left with.

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 Beautiful Letter Decor

il_fullxfull.283850550-1024x550 10 Decorative DIY Decor Ideas

Now you can’t go wrong with this DIY. It’s perfect for any home that wants to give off a warm and inviting feeling. This project will include buying cardboard letters of your choosing and gluing your own images over the top. Use road maps, landmarks, or family photos to let your close ones know that your house is a home.

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Polaroid String Light DIY

string-lights-photos-collage 10 Decorative DIY Decor Ideas

Pictures help tell a story about a moment in time worth remembering. Showcase all of your finest memories on your wall for your friends and family to see. Grab ordinary white Christmas lights, hemp string, thumbtacks, and your photos to create a stunning work of art.

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Memory Frame

ERIKA-GLANVILLE-01-BOX 10 Decorative DIY Decor Ideas

Show off your favorite memories that worth sharing. hang this up to commemorate your marriage, children, or anything of importance. Imagine yourself grinning from ear to ear as you look back to a moment in time when you were truly happy. Hang this on your wall to always be reminded of the joy you felt.

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Inspiration Board

inspiration-board-1024x704 10 Decorative DIY Decor Ideas

An inspiration board is a must if you want to be focused on achieving your goals. Not only that but an inspiration board will remind you what you want out of life. It has helped me organize what I want to accomplish out of the year. It keeps my drive strong and my persistence high. I highly recommend this DIY to anyone who wants to get things done.

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Vinyl Record Art

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I love the idea of having a music themed room. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your room for it to look nice. You can go to your nearest record store and look in the discount bin for cheap records. Or you can look online for a pack. Align the records and sleeves on your wall in any manner you see fit.

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Galaxy Cloud Lamp

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Image having your very own galaxy. This cloud lamp can change colors and be bright enough to light your entire room. Not to mention that if you get invisible string the cloud will actually look like it’s floating. This is a must have DIY that you probably should have tried yesterday.

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Crystal Soap

AmethystSoapGems2-HighRes-1024x678 10 Decorative DIY Decor Ideas

Lets brighten up your bathroom with these amazing pieces of soap. If you ever want to impress any house guests when they go to freshen up this is one way to do it. Creating these little gems are fun and easy to do. Add your own custom scents that you enjoy the most.

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